Enhancing File Management in Android Devices

ES File Explorer v4.0.4.1 Apk

Having an Android OS for your device, you could have found the File Explorer as a very useful application for your computing needs. Your files are well-managed but with the launch of the ES File Explorer apk, what had been enjoyed in the previous File Manager is even enhanced and made powerful.

Using the File Explorer application, the problem of managing the enormous number of files became less problematic as they can already be arranged in an orderly manner. You are allowed to view the files in any Android device, specifically in your phone. You can cut, copy, delete or rename any of the files in your various folders and you can create new files as well as new folders. These are only a few of the things you can do when you have a File Explorer installed in your phone or Android device. And if you want enhancement, the ES File Explorer is even a better app to use.

Basic Features

What may come into your mind is the cost of the app. You do not have to worry as Google is very generous to people who use Android-operated devices. ES File Explorer, the full-featured resource manager, can be downloaded and installed free of cost. Millions of users are now enjoying this app; non-English speaking geeks enjoy the app. They only have to choose from the many different languages supported by ES File Explorer.

All the features in the previous File Manager are present in the EStrongs version. These remain as the basic features. To refresh, the file manager will enable you to manage your files in the same manner that you use your PC. So, you can cut, delete, copy, rename, move, share, search, send, hide or bookmark your files.

Other Features

As an all-in-one app, more features aside from basic file management are integrated.

• Application Management enables you to manage all the applications that had been downloaded, installed or stored in your Android device. With this, you can uninstall and categorize a chosen app or even have your .apk files backed-up. APK images can be shown.

• It is equipped with Built-in File Viewers. This allows you to view images files, documents, music and all other kinds of files in your device. Opening a file, you can opt for the internal viewer or the external app. Although you may no longer need a third party application, it still is compatible to other apps like Quick Office.It also supports Dropbox, Sugarsync, Amazon S3, Yandes, Google Drive and more.

• Another enhancement is the File Compression Support that will provide you the option to compress or decompress ZIP and RAR files. You can make these files protected by passwords.

• The ES File Explorer derived power from its built-in text editor. Enabling the editing of root file system, this function will allow you to modify the configuration files of the operating system.

• Some users were discouraged to make use of the built-in task killer because it slows down the system. Nevertheless, this enhancement is still integrated and the option is left to the user.

• You can make use of Bluetooth File Browser so that you can copy-paste files from one Bluetooth enabled to another Bluetooth ready device.

Sharing to Windows file – remote management of files

You may already be amazed with the basic and enhanced features. To complete the features of the ES File Explorer, you should be familiar with its Remote File Management capability. This will enable you to manage files that are contained in other nearby devices and also files in the cloud storage.This app allows you to access your home PC if you have WiFi with SMB. Previously, the only way for you to share your files between the Android device and the Windows computer is through the use of USB cable. Today, the ES File Explorer is a wireless option that makes file sharing easier. The added LAN support in this app helps you share your files with the Windows PC over WiFi.